I never imagined this would happen to me, not in a million years. I’ve tried drugs but for the most part I never liked them, I don’t even like weed. Problem is over time I developed back pain, really bad back pain. Also, my back pain isn’t really back pain as much as lower back/hip/sciatica/pelvic Read More →

  I’ve always hated the Duggar family or more specifically the parents and the disturbing way their family is run. Amidst the scandal it made me yet again think about the Duggar girls and how growing up in that family they have to care for the kids (I’m curious what Michelle even does) until they Read More →

I’ve realized recently several of my friends have shutdown from social media or more specifically – Facebook. What all of them say when this happens is: Facebook took up too much of my time. For someone who keeps up with Facebook pretty well I find that hard to understand. For me, social media, is something Read More →

It’s really easy to have expectations of people in your life but it’s the best way to be disappointed. I think as you get to know someone you kind of learn what you get from them but as a relationship changes you have to change what you expect from them. Imagine you are married and Read More →

I feel like my stomach has been in knots for as long as I can remember now. Yes, I have moments of joy and peace but it seems more often than not I’m stressed, tired and an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Lately it feels like everyone is hovering over me judging me and picking apart Read More →

Yeah I’m a bit annoyed that I wanted an apple cider from my beloved Starbucks and got hot apple juice. Why is this even an option? Why is there no apple cider?!? I live in New England, how can you not offer apple cider? Here is there Caramel Apple Spice: I did order this without Read More →

I haven’t officially made the decision to delete my instagram. Many are fleeing because they found out that Instagram owns their pictures, or something like that. I’m not pissed at Instagram because of this, I realize all my pictures online aren’t safe, which is why I try to post stuff nobody would ever care about Read More →

I’ve actually lost a couple good friends due to social media for the most part. Because of Twitter and Facebook it’s so easy to unfollow or unfriend someone and write them off without a second thought. You don’t have to confront them or address any issues, you can just push a button and they are Read More →