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I Should Have Gone Into Tourism

By | October 17, 2008

Hello ladies, gents and the rest of you who don’t fit into either category. It’s your friendly neighbourhood Gwen covering for Robin while she’s off visiting people who are most assuredly NOT me. But am I bitter? Am I crushed? Am I broken hearted? No. No I’m not. In fact, I’m hopeful. Now that she’s […]

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I Can’t Believe She Left Us In Charge

By | June 19, 2008

Hi all, Gwenhwyfar here. Robin is off this week, getting married or something. Oh and that’s not the really silly part either. She’s getting married in Massachusetts (I could be wrong though, the dictionary says that MA also stands for Military Academy, Mental Age, Master of Arts, one’s mother and Yo-Yo Ma), so my plans […]

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