Dark Series You Should Be Watching

Boy, I just never blog anymore but really, does anyone?

I’ve had people often enough ask me for suggestions of TV shows to watch (and occasionally documentaries or books) but I really love good TV shows and occasionally crappy TV shows. I also feel most of the time I can judge pretty well what shows to recommend to people and what shows not to. I know shows like The Affair and Black Mirror are not for everyone but if you really like something that will make you think and feel then sometimes a dark series is the way to go. Anyway, here are some current shows I want to recommend:


The Affair (Showtime): It’s also a really dark show that is pretty much never ever fun. What I love about this show is A. you never ever know where it’s going (even if you think you do) and B. you don’t completely hate or completely like anyone. You think you’ll just all around hate the people having the affair, but you don’t. Also it seems like this can’t possibly be a topic that can last several seasons but I also often thought that about Breaking Bad.


Black Mirror (Netflix): If you think you’ve seen a dark series then you haven’t watch Black Mirror and mind you I’ve seen American Horror Story. To me, Black Mirror makes AHS seem like a children’s show. None of the episodes tie together so you can watch it in any order but please for the love of all that is good do not start with episode 1, that is just a rule put in place by anyone who has watched episode 1. Basically the series is about society and technology and the idea of what direction it could all be going in.


The Knick (Cinemax): I will give credit to my brother for recommending this series to me, great great show about The Knickerbocker Hospita in the early part of the twentieth century. The characters and storylines are always fantastic and seeing what medicine was like so long ago is nothing if not interesting.


Fargo (FX): Somehow I’m always cold when watching this show, probably because it’s always in winter in Minnesota. I like that the bad guys in this series are not over-the-top evil, just bubbling under the surface which is a lot scarier if you ask me.


American Crime (ABC): This show was an unexpected experience, I’m not sure what I expected but it wasn’t what it was. This series is an anthology crime drama centered around race, class and gender politics. This series will drag you along for the ride and leave you with a lot of questions not only about the series itself but about society as well.


The Path (Hulu): Nothing suits a dark premise better than a family living in a cult where nothing is quite as it seems and the father is starting to question everything. Great actors and a great plot so far for the first season.

Just started getting into Chance on Hulu and so far we like it but I wouldn’t want to recommend a series without seeing the entire first season. Also these are just darker series, I didn’t include some fantastic dramas that aren’t as dark.

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