All My Sizes

I’ve been so many sizes. Not only that but I’ve kept a lot of my smaller sizes in totes in hopes that one day I’d be able to wear them again. I have totes filling up my shed that are labeled Size 14 or Size 16 or just Too Small. I’m currently in Week 6 and I’m not entirely sure of my size but it’s probably between an 16-18. I blame the fact that my flub, that’s what at my house we call the little extra stomach on my cat Aurora that hangs down, hasn’t gone away yet.

When I started high school I was about 160 with a side DDD breasts and I can tell you right now that none of that made high school remotely fun. I then had breast reduction surgery at age 15 and however I still stayed fat. Then I had my first breakup and being the sensitive girl that I am became really depressed. I started starving myself and lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks, which btw I didn’t even do with the surgery. I think I starved myself down to like 109 eventually or something like that.

When I went off to college I was a size 4 and I don’t think I have any of those clothes still but also they’d be really old as that was 1996. As I made friends and went to parties in college the starving stopped and the eating Dominos pizza (with breadsticks) at 1:00 am started. It took a while but I started to gain all the weight back. Then I think it was my senior year I got kind of depressed again and stopped eating and lost some weight, I can’t even remember what size I got to but then gained it back after college.

When I met my husband at the very end of 2002 I was 150, which wasn’t my highest but I definitely wasn’t happy about it. As we fell in love and moved in together, as often happens in relationships, the weight kept piling on. When I got married in 2008 I was 190 and could barely fit into my dress. That October we went on our honeymoon to Ireland and I also got the IUD around then and gained about 20 lbs. I remember when I went over 200 I was utterly devastated as I’d always promised myself that would never happen to me.


As the years went on and stress continued my weight kept going up. On the plus side at least it seemed to stop around 228. 228 may not seem so bad but my frame is tiny and I’m only 5 feet tall so to me I looked a lot like an apple. At this point all the medical problems started, which I won’t get into in this post, but I was sick of it. Most of all I was sick of the horrible back pain and just refused to live this way anymore.

That was when I decided that I was doing the vertical sleeve and nobody could stop me. I didn’t care what anyone else thought I knew this was what I needed to do. I already feel so good as I’m down 25 lbs. I actually feel lighter, like I’m carrying around so much less weight, which I guess is accurate. I already feel new and improved and this whole journey has only just begun.


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