Trust Your Journey

I’ve been on a journey for a while now, 3-6 months, working towards my VSG, also called a Gastric Sleeve surgery. It took me a long time to get to a place where I was willing to go this route, mostly because it’s scary but my 2 year battle with lower back pain finally made me come to the decision that I needed to try something drastic.

I had my surgery on 9/14 and I pretty much feel like adv expert now. It’s a long tough road ave in only at the beginning but I want to put it all out there because I wish I had more personal stories to read before I had my surgery. Anyway, here is what I learned:

You can’t ask too many questions or bug anyone too much. This is a serious thing you are taking on ave you deserve to be informed. I called my doctor and contacted HR in my company many times. There are a lot of forms and red tape and I was determined not to leave anything undone. I wanted to make sure that when I was in recovery all I had to worry about was that.

For some people the surgery part and recovery is easy, I’ve read that so many times. For me, it was anything but. When I woke up from surgery I was immediately in a lot of pain and I believe most of the pain was the gas in my body. I think I drove the nurses crazy as I kept telling them I was in pain and they kept telling me I had morphine but it didn’t help enough, I’m not sure why.

I made sure to start walking as soon as possible as I was told it was the best way to get the gas out of your system. Eventually around 4am when I was so miserable with pain they gave me ativan, which knocked me out, thankfully. I was only given 1 night stay at the hospital, which initially I was really upset about but by 7pm on day 2 I was so ready to go home. I wanted to be home and wanted to be in charge of my pain medication.

The rest of the first week was hard. I took the pain medication fairly regularly, it helped but I also got a cold on day 5. It was tough walking and sitting up and the gas took a while to fully leave my system. In the first week I just really did soup and popsicles, that was really all I could handle.

The second week was easier but still a struggle. I just focused on relaxing, getting exercise when I could and getting in all my food liquids and proteins. I honestly don’t remember a lot of that week, it was just a mixture of struggle and relaxing. I was just glad not to be suffering anymore.

My third week I was moved onto stage 4, which at that point I was doing a lot better but took on so many new issues. At this point I was constantly constipated, couldn’t get in enough protein or water and kept forgetting my vitamins. To me sipping water just makes it so hard to drink enough and I eat such small portions that I don’t know how to get in enough protein.

The best advice for the beginning I can tell you is: trust yourself and figure out what works for you. You have to take your time to make your journey work for you and if it takes you a while then that’s what it is.

After all, it’s your journey and nobody else’s.


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