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For as long as I can remember I can’t stomach protein powders alone. I mean if I throw protein powder in the blender with a banana and some other stuff it’s ok but just protein powder with a liquid is something I have trouble drinking. The problem is, it makes me sick and I know I’m not the only one. So here is what I did to figure out (hopefully) what works for me because I can’t make them from scratch everyday, it’s just not realistic.

Optimum Nutrition (w/coconut milk): Couldn’t stand it, gave everything to a friend instead.

Herbalife (w/coconut milk): I tried this before planning to do the surgery because my friend did it and I immediately spit it up and gave her my extras.

GNC Total Lean (vanilla w/coconut milk): spit it right out, the smell was even awful to me. This is a brand someone recommended and it just didn’t do it for me.

Coconut Milk: I’ve been mixing protein powders with coconut milk and I figure this might be an issue so I’m going to try it with 1% Lactaid (for now, I’ll move to skim later)

Lactaid Milk (1%): This has definitely helped out the taste so far so I think coconut milk effected the taste some.

Body Fortress Whey Vanilla: Ok, this wasn’t AS bad as some of the others BUT, I still couldn’t drink it, ended up pouring it out. It may be because it was vanilla, I tend to veer towards chocolate as I think it covers up the fake sugar taste more and the vanilla almost makes it stand out more. I’m not opposed to trying the chocolate kind but I hope I can find a sample of it.

Unjury (Strawberry Sorbet w/lactaid milk): by far the best protein powder I’ve had so far. It was a bit sweeter than I needed, but then most things are. The taste was delightful, even a bit tangy I’d say. Also there wasn’t that awful smell a lot of them have, no taste of fake sugar (sucralose) which makes me incredibly sick. Yay! Found 1 definitely brand!

Unjury (Chocolate Splendor w/1% Lactaid Milk): I definitely like this more than other chocolate protein powders I’ve tried but I actually liked this a little bit less than the strawberry, which really surprised me. It’s good though.

Unjury (Chocolate Classic w/1% Lactaid Milk): I actually liked this better than the Splendor, tastes more like chocolate milk.

Unjury (Unflavored w/1% Lactaid Milk and other ingredients): It was fine in the shake I made but I think I like the ease of the flavored ones. I did try to put a bit of it in oatmeal and did NOT like it, it gave it a weird aftertaste. Maybe I put in too much, I don’t know.

Unjury (Vanilla w/1% Lactaid Milk): I found this ok, I don’t tend to like vanilla powders, but I read somewhere to add orange sugar free gelatin or crystal lite (I used gelatin) and it was pretty yummy.

Quest Nutition (Banana w/1% lactaid milk): good, way more flavor option but still not as good as Unjury.

Quest Nutrition (Caramel w/1% lactaid milk): really good, added a banana and it made it extra special. I will say these shakes are all way sweeter than necessary.

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  1. Amanda

    September 8, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    Hi there!
    Have you tried already blended protein drinks? The Lean Shake 25 from GNC is really good and the Atkins shakes aren’t bad. Just thought I’d share! Welcome to the journey-you got this!

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