The Nuts & Bolts

So here are my details, can’t believe I’m putting them out there.

Age: 37 (as of February)

Height: 5’0 (or 5’1 seems to depend on the day)

Current Weight: 222 (though the scale at the clinic says I’m at my highest even though my home scale and gym scale say this weight)

Highest weight: 228

Goal Weight: 115 (approximately but I’ll be happy with 130)

Btw, I just accidentally wrote those numbers as 215 and 230 because I’m so used to the damn 2 in there.

Lowest Weight: 109 (I was super unhealthy around age 18 and was a crazy size 4)

Doing this surgery mostly because of my 2 year struggle with lower back pain, I want to have a normal life again. I’m also doing this to feel better, I’ve found that as I get older feeling good is more important than just looking good. Of course I’d like to look good again and feel good about how I look. I don’t think I would have just gone through with all of this if it was just about looking good.

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