More Protein More Water

So I had my first appointment with the Dietician and there is a list of things I need to change about my daily food/water:

  1. More water, a lot more water
  2. More protein, a lot more protein
  3. Much less bread
  4. No more caffiene
  5. No more beer
  6. Bring more protein snacks in from home
  7. No almond milk, not enough protein
  8. Eat slower – take small bites and chew thoroughly
  9. Stop drinking with meals, even water
  10. Need chewable calcium and multivitamins

So yeah, it’s a lot but I’m taking it on one step at a time. I’m now doing a lot more water by using the Plant Nanny, it’s cute and helpful.

I’m getting more protein snacks for work and focusing on more protein in my meals.

I’ve found some protein powders I actually like, I’m trying to replace some breakfast or lunches with it.

Got myself a single blender so I can attach the bottle to it and there is a lot less mess to clean up.

I’ve basically decided on 1% Lactaid milk to be my go to.

I haven’t fully cut out beer or caffiene but I’ve cut out a LOT, it’s a process.

So these are the little changes I’m making and working on. Phew.


  1. sleeveforme22

    July 1, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    I promise you the more you get those goals behind you, the easier post-op life will be!! By comparison my adjustments post-op have been far smaller and easier compared to those who didn’t make them pre-op. And remember – the more you lose pre-op, the more you will lose post! Good luck!!

    1. Robin

      July 1, 2015 at 6:42 pm

      Thanks, that’s good to hear. I think I was thinking I would slowly work my way off of some of these while still enjoying them a little before my whole life changed but I know I have to start now.

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