Immersion Day

So I had my immersion day where I spend a day listening to different doctors who are part of this whole shebang. I learned a good amount of information and heard some of the same stuff for the umpteenth time. I got my binder, my bariatric binder. I got a ton of checklists and shopping lists and lists of what to do and what NOT to do.

I tried not to kill a few really annoying people in the group, had a nice greek salad for my lunch and tried to get out early enough so I could get a bit of time home more than I would when I go to work (got an extra 15 whole minutes).

I also have several appointments setup, including today I’m seeing the surgeon. I’m really going to work hard this weekend and forward to start doing protein shakes, more protein in meals and track everything in My Fitness Pal (btw I’m under hismuse).


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