A Little Confidence Boost

I had a big day as far as my journey to this surgery goes, more on that later. Afterwards I was waiting in the lobby for my husband to pick me up when one of the other patient’s mother immediately said to me:

“You don’t look like you need the surgery.”

I immediately was obviously flattered and told her thank you but that I was actually 100 lbs overweight. She was surprised at that and I have been told by people that I carry my weight well, not sure what that means but there it is. I think I’ve learned how to dress, etc. to minimize the extra weight on my body and it’s helped me to feel better about myself. In fact, I think I’ve almost come to be ok with my weight but if it weren’t for my back pain and other things I probably wouldn’t have taken the leap into the Gastric Sleeve.

After a full day of thinking of how long this journey will be and how hard it is and thinking all day about all the weight I need to lose this was definitely a nice little boost.

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