Staying Patient


Patience is not something I excel in. I like things done now, this moment. My husband likes to put things off and it drives me crazy so usually I kind of prod him until he does it now. I think one of the hardest parts about this journey for me, is the waiting. When I’m ready for something I’m ready now and this mentality is probably a big part of why diets have never worked for me, I get impatient and give up.

I had to practice patience big time when I found out today that my Immersion Day for tomorrow, which I took the day off for, was being cancelled because not enough people were going. It’s been rescheduled for June 17th and now I have to do more waiting, which seems to be pretty much all I’ve done so far. However I did decide to still take the day off and have a relaxing day at home. Why not?

But this process definitely requires a LOT of patience and it’s something I will also have to learn along the way.

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