I Love You and I Like You


Parks and Recreation is over and I’m sad. The last episode was emotional and I cried but I think the only finale I didn’t cry during was The L Word because it was an utter joke of a finale. This ending, it was good but I felt in a way they tried too hard to make everything too perfect, I hate when everyone in the end gets everything they ever wanted because it’s not realistic and it bugs me. I mean some dreams should come true but maybe some don’t.

What bugged me the most was that Andy and April ended up having kids and I always saw them as a childfree couple. I was really disappointed when they went that route because it felt like they were saying that the only way they could be complete is having a child or maybe because they couldn’t think up an interesting future for them so they had them have kids. If it were me I would have had them travel and just love life, I think that’s pretty interesting.

But it was fine, it wasn’t great and it wasn’t awful, it was in the middle. Some of the future stuff was weird and again I feel they tried too hard. In the end I’m just sad to say goodbye to Leslie and Ron because they felt like real friends sometimes or maybe I just wish they were real.

I love you and I like you.


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