Cars, Snow and Sunshine on the Horizon

So I got a new car. I got a new car because my old car was shot to shit AND I had a car accident that totaled it. I was lucky enough to get some money back to put into a new (to me) car. Here is my old totaled car Cassie – RIP:

Here is my new pretty car I’ve named Izzy for MMFD:


I love her, she’s fun, safe and spunky. There are a lot of awesome qualities to her but my favorites are she’s a hatchback, she’s red and she’s as the option to choose 4 wheel drive.

Also there has been a LOT of snow but if you live in the Northeast this is not new information. Thankfully my Manly Man does all the shoveling and all that jazz so I don’t make my back worse and because he’s awesome. We’ve gotten about 5 feet so far in our town and I’ve had 3 snow days from work (the actual company closed) in 2 weeks, which has never happened before.

We have a cat tree built by my husband on mostly re-used supplies. Our vivacious cat Miles love this thing and spends a lot of time on it everyday (he loves climbing up to get away from my hugs and kisses). However our other 2 cats don’t seem remotely interested as I don’t think they are tree dwellers as Jackson Galaxy would say.


Speaking of cats, our newest member Archie who we like to call snuffleupagus, the yeti and Archie the Giant was around 14.8 lbs when we adopted him and is now 19.6. He is not fat, as far as I can tell but I think he’s just still growing into a massive unknown animal. Also, we think he might be part siberian, which can be as much as 25 lbs.

Also, we have a special trip coming up that I’m over-the-moon about. More to come…

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