My Top Android Apps

In no particular order.








Google Keyboard: The Samsung keyboard that came with the phone is a horrible keyboard, most probably don’t know as they don’t know any better. Once you get the google one it will replace the samsung and it will make your life so much easier.













Sol Calendar: I never liked the google calendar that came with the phone so I thought I’d find a better one and I love this calendar. It connects to your google calendar and it has a very smooth and user friendly interface. You have to try it to










Textra: I love this texting app so much because when you get a text you see it in the task bar and when you click it it’s like a popup window. You reply to it and when you press enter it disappears. Also there is an option in your taskbar to make another popup window when you want to text someone. If this doesn’t change your life then I can’t help you.











Cymera: Just a great picture editing app with stickers, frames and even collages.









Clean Master: Super easy cleaning app to get junk off your phone.






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