Mad About the Boy

Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones, #3)Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this, enough but it wasn’t the same. Also, throughout the whole thing I can’t help but wish we could have gotten some books about Bridget dealing with married life and raising kids with Mark. I feel like we went through 2 books of her falling in love with Mark Darcy and then another book comes out 14 years later and he’s dead…we never really got to enjoy them together. Still, the book is somewhat fun but the screenplay thing didn’t work, maybe if she was writing articles for a magazine or something. The toyboy had it’s cute moments but I never got invested in any of the other guys. I know Helen wanted to make her more realistic but I think that could have been done without killing the best part of the series.

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