Poo Free Adventure Part Two


A big part of doing the No Poo Challenge is to accept that at times your hair will be kind of gross. You have to be willing to either treat it with dry shampoo of some kind or just put it up in a bun or a braid. I’m ok with both, depends on whether I want to put any effort into my hair that day.

This process is still fascinating to me. When I do the wash (baking soda and apple cider vinegar) I’m amazed how fresh, full and untangled my hair is. When I comb it out it’s so easy. Also my hair is definitely wavier and still falling out a lot less than before.

I initially thought this process would be a lot of work but it really isn’t or it’s as much work as you want to put into it. Sometimes if I do a hair mask it’s a bit of work but that’s once and a while. My wash and rinse are in bottles to use when I need and are pretty easy to make.

So I tried an applesauce hair mask, that my Manly Man was nice enough to make from scratch for me:




Here is a video of it:

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He's having too much fun.

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This worked ok but not as good as I’d hoped. In order to get the full effect of it I had to wash it with BS/ACV afterward.

Later I tried the egg wash and it was great, no need for an extra wash, my hair was amazing afterward and I plan to do it again tonight.




Day 16:




Here is Day 19:




Day 35:



I also did a DIY foot wash with ACV and mouthwash and I couldn’t BELIEVE how much stuff came off my feet!




I’ve always loved my hair but I am actually excited about my hair every day and love showing it off.


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