Relationships Aren’t Easy


I think if any relationship is easy then there is probably something missing and eventually the problems will rise to the surface. I know I had a great friendship one time, a best friend, and things were great and mostly easy for a long long time. I think mostly it was easy because we ignored things and swept things under the rug. Normally I’m a talker, I like to talk things out but if the other person isn’t interested in that then the relationship will eventually crumble.

That’s just my opinion obviously, from experience.

I’ve been with my guy Manly Man for nearly 12 years now (married 6) and he’s by far my best friend and favorite person. All relationships ebb and flow and we’ve had many ups and downs. We spent 3 long years in a court battle and nearly 6 years ago Manly Man was laid off from his job. I’m not going to pretend this hasn’t effected our relationship, of course it has. Being in this position, with all the judgement on top of it, can’t not affect you mentally.

We’ve come to a realization that something between us has to be worked on and can’t just work itself out as it usually does for us. We have to figure some stuff out and work on getting back on the same page. Sometimes I get so frustrated I want to give up but then I remember that this guy is who I want to be with when I’m in my golden years. This guy has given me so much and understands me like nobody else.

It’s ok to be in a tough spot and admit to it. I think the fear of some is admitting problems at all, mostly because they don’t want to deal with them. My relationship isn’t perfect, it’s a work in progress but as long as we’re both still working on it (and that it hasn’t become a job) I think everything will be ok.

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