Forgiveness Sucks

I’m always working on forgiving people in my life. My father is a big one for me, though he’s more about coming to terms with that he’ll never change and that despite everything I do love him. I have an old friend who I still have close mutual friends with that I feel I’ve come to terms with that she’s not evil, she just has stuff within herself she needs to work on and since she doesn’t want to work on these things I have to keep my distance for my own sanity.

It helps to forgive others when you get the opportunity to kind of work through the situation with them instead of just walking away. However you don’t always get the opportunity to dish it out because not everyone is ready for that or there just isn’t room for that right now. I hate holding onto anger, it’s so pointless and exhausting and quite honestly it feels kind of fake because you know deep down you still love this person you are angry with, you just can’t come to terms with the things they’ve done.

In this life, if we get the chance and there is room for it we should all take the time to work through things with the important people in our life. We don’t know how long we all have in this life and it’s possible to never get a chance to resolve a situation. Not all situations are meant to be fixed for better, sometimes it just means you hash things out and in the end it’s just best everyone goes separate ways. Until you hash it out and come to terms with it one-on-one it will always in some way or another weigh you down.

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