Meet Archie

Archie is the newest member to our household. We talked for a while about getting a third cat but before it didn’t seem right. Then one day a friend of ours on Facebook posted that she’d rescued a cat and was wondering if anyone wanted to adopt him. For some reason I was immediately drawn to him and when I showed my husband to my surprise he was on board.

When we first brought him home it was a rocky road, to put it mildly. Our furkid Miles was really upset about his new little brother and spent most of him time on top of the cabinets. On top of that Archie, who’d been abused by a previous owner, was attacking my husband a lot (his abuser was a male) and we were both a bit afraid of him.

But I felt a maternal bond with him right away and when I spent time with him I let it be on his terms, which seemed to work well. I would lay down on the futon with him in the room we initially kept him in and pulled up Netflix on my laptop. As I laid there he would come over to me and beg me to pet him and he’d sit on me and he’d knead me. I’m so glad I did this as I think it really helped him ease into his new home.

After a while Miles mellowed out but is still cautious about him. Archie has gotten more comfortable with us and doesn’t jump as much. He still has his moments but I think that is just him. I think he has a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder and we always have to keep that in mind. Also, occasionally Miles and Archie have a really bad brawl but so far nobody has gone to the ER.

Most days things seem to get better and I really believe Archie was meant to be a part of this family. There were moments I thought taking him into our home was a mistake but now I can’t imagine my life without him.


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