Un-cluttering My Life

minimize & simplify

Vearing towards the minimalist lifestyle isn’t about having a house like this necessarily:


For me, it’s about not holding onto stuff you don’t need and don’t use and it’s an on-going thing for me to work on. While my husband tends to hold onto things a bit more than I do I have a tendency to throw stuff out too easily and then suddenly we’re like “where is that thing we needed?” But at the same time I have my own stuff that I have a hard time getting rid of, mostly clothes. I have so many boxes in our storage that are for thinner sizes of me it’s kind of ridiculous. The worst part is a couple summers ago I went through all those boxes and got rid of SO much clothes but there is still a lot there.

So we we try a couple times a year now to do the spring cleaning but also just really purge as much as we can. At first when I started going through our books he got nervous as he was worried I’d get rid of stuff he wanted but now that I have like 5 boxes filled of books that won’t clutter up our house he feels better.


Our next big step this spring/summer is to work on our shed, that is FULL of stuff. I want to get rid of a lot of furniture that we kept saying “if we ever move to a bigger house we’ll use” but the bigger house concept may never happen or if it does it is a looooong way away. So we’re going to dig through that thing to the point that I’m hoping it’s at least 1/2 empty and we can walk in there easily to find what we need.

The less stuff, the less cluttered your life is I think and that’s really important to me.


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