What Is It About Jewish Guys?

I always thought it was just me that just found Jewish guys irresistible. I figured it had something to do with being Jewish myself and having spent my formative years at a Jewish private school being surrounded by Jewish boys. Then as I got older I realized that a lot of the really cute and popular actors are Jewish and lots of women love them. What is it about them?

This idea first came to me when I thought again (as it’s occurred to me before) that I am actually sexually attracted to Seth Rogen. Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with him but he’s not exactly Brad Pitt (who btw is way too pretty boy for me but that’s another conversation). I admit, I tend to like guys who aren’t perfect looking and I love guys who are funny. So a big part of my appeal of guys is their personality but also I like a quirky quality to their looks like a crooked smile.

My own husband isn’t at all Jewish but looks a bit Jewish.

You can see a more comprehensive list here but I don’t agree with some of them on their list or the order.

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