My First Week Of Coconut Oil

I’d heard of coconut oil for a while, especially from my brother, but I figured it was just another one of those health things that would eventually disappear and it would be another thing…like kale. But on this past Saturday I found myself feeling really run down to the point of just giving up on the day. I had a headache, felt hot and had zero energy, it was miserable. I was on Pinterest when I came across a pin that linked to a blog post about everything coconut oil does. I saw something about how it could help hypothyroidism, which I have and that a spoonful of it could boost your energy. We happened to have a container of it in the pantry (actually it was there to make this recipe) and I just took the plunge. Taking a raw spoonful was…weird but doable. I’d much prefer mix it in with something else.

I made a delicious banana chocolate coconut smoothie on Monday with it, including coconut milk. I highly recommend this. Ingredients: 1 cup coconut milk, 1 banana, tbsp flaxseed, cocoa powder, chocolate whey protein powder, 1 spoonful of coconut oil.

On Tuesday I was having a rough morning and hadn’t made a smoothie and grabbed a latte on the way to work. I decided to mix the coconut oil into my latte and it worked out ok enough. If I take the lid off I’m sure I’ll see beads of oil in it but I”m just ignoring it and it’s fine.

On Wednesday I put more in my latte, it was fine, nothing to share on that.

On Thursday I had another smoothie with it.

Overall it was pretty good and I’m not keeping up with it like I’d hoped, as usual, but I have hopes of getting back on the healthy train again this coming week and using more.

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