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3 Thoughts on “HIMYM Came Full Circle

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  2. I didn’t watch the show, but am amazed at the love/hate and vitriol of those who *really* hated the ending. I was disappointed with the ending of True Detective, but that was only 8 eps. I can only imagine how high expectations must have been for a show ending a 9-year run. I haven’t cared about a show in that way in a really long time. Thankfully, the last one I did — Six Feet Under — ended it perfectly. Glad you were happy with the show’s end, even if it wasn’t a “happy” ending.

    • I am sad for people who felt so let down, some made a way bigger deal than I ever would and I’m as big of a fanatic than anyone. I mean, Felicity upset me but I didn’t write off the whole show at the end. Sometimes I think people just look for stuff to be pissed about.

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