This Winter Is Torturing Me

Our driveway cannot fit more snow and still fit our cars.

When you walk out of our back door there is a WALL of snow.

I left work early the other day only to get stuck in the brunt of the storm and the visibility was so bad I took the wrong exit and wanted to die.

I am running out of ET at work (Earned Time I can use to take days off) and will probably lose actual pay at this point.

Snow got stuck in the wheal or something driving in on my birthday and I burst into tears because it seemed my car was fucked up and I had just spent a ton of money to fix it last month.

I have given up going to the gym because I can barely get out of my house. So I’m either stuck at home by the snow or working extra hours and too tired by the time I’m heading home.

We only need a little more snow to not be able to see our back deck anymore.

Why did my parents have to raise us in New England? Why couldn’t it have been like…Hawaii?


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