Top 5 Feel Good Shows

These are the shows that I watch when I’m moody or just want to escape the world. These are shows I’ve watched several times.

5. Gilmore Girls – I put this at the bottom of the list because it’s not available for streaming on Netflix or Hulu, so that means you have to find another way to spend a Saturday watching it. Someday if I have any money I might buy the whole set but that’s a big undertaking. Still, the show is charming and genuinely funny.

4. New Girl/The Mindy Project – These shows are seriously funny but both pretty new and similar in the style of the show. A nice day would be to watch both shows, mix it up. Also the lead of both shows are quirky girls I can relate to and they are surrounded by cute/funny guys. Win!

3. Skins – I love this show it can be really fun and really great as an escape (as I’m not British or a teenager) however it can be very dark and I’ve cried several times on this show so I usually only watch a few fun shows of this at a time if I’m in a blue mood. Maybe not season 4, that one was not much fun at all.

2. Greek – I never in a million years thought I’d like an ABC Family show about Greek fraternities and sororities (I’m not a fan in real life) but the show is so fun and easy and lighthearted.

There aren’t really any funniest moments of Greek on youtube (total shame) so here is a fun clip I love.

1. Veronica Mars – I wasn’t sure about this show given how dark it can be but somehow I feel good watching it, probably because it’s really funny and Veronica is just as sassy as it gets. Luckily I own all 3 seasons so you might have to buy it yourself (you should) or just rent it from the library.