How Pinterest Has Made My Life Easier (or just more fun)

It’s funny because now in my life if something doesn’t work right I go to Pinterest to figure out how to make it easier. I love simplifying things and finding an easier way of doing things. I’m someone that continually tries to find the quickest and easiest way to drive from one place to the next.
So here are some of the things from Pinterest that have made my life easier:


I have a lot of hair elastics and they end up all over the place. I like to carry a bunch with me in my bag but trying to fish one out can be annoying. Then I saw this idea on Pinterest and I was like duh, this was a really obvious and genius idea!

Using rings (Pinterest suggested shower rings but I used binder rings because I had them) to hang up tank tops in the closet. I hate folding tank tops and putting them in drawers because then I go searching for a tank top and end up messing up the whole drawer, this works nicely.


This was a cute bracelet idea, which I have yet to give to my friends. It’s pretty easy but the board the clip were a way to make it just a tad easier to put it down in the middle of working on it.

I saw this one day and thought, well this isn’t something we need but kind of a cool idea. So now we have a place to put a nice book for guests.

I had these pair of pants that the zipper would always slip down but the pants were still in great condition and ones I wore to work often. So I looked it up on Pinterest and Voila! This is an easy fix and works perfectly.

We love making new recipes and we tried to keep recipes on cards in a recipe box thingy but that just didn’t work for us. So then I saw an idea on the magic website about printing out recipe cards and putting them in a photo album.