2013 Year End Report – Dailymile


So I was pretty pleased when I saw this but I’m actually 5 miles less than 2012, however I had 12 more workouts in 2013. I think this probably means I did more gym and less like hiking and day outs, probably because of my back. I big month in 2012 was March and 2013 was July, probably because of the heatwave because it was a way to having air conditioning during the day.


2012 Sunday was also my best day and the seasons were pretty much the same.


Distance 2012 was 42044897 while the workouts was 7300026 and the donuts burned was 26672809 (which is a BIG improvement for this year).

THIS is why I track my workouts, so I can see how I did month to month and even compare the years.

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