TV Shows I Divorced

I rarely give up on a show entirely. Sometimes I’ll walk away for a while and then catch up here and there if it’s on Netflix or something. One show I did that with is Grey’s Anatomy because initially I chose CSI and House MD over it (a while back they were on at the same time) but then the show just got a bit Melrose Placey. However, if the new shows are on Netflix and I have nothing else to watch, I’ll totally watch it.

I was fairly into the show Revenge but it wasn’t a show I had to see or anything. However, I watched it mostly every week and was invested enough not to walk away. Then season 2 came and very quickly I was just not interested anymore. I think I watched 1 or 2 shows of season 2 and then just walked away entirely.

I stayed for a while with True Blood but a few episodes into the last season I just stopped bothering and I don’t miss it at all. The show got way too campy for me and way too out there. A bunch of shirtless guys is not enough for me to watch a show, actually that’s part of what started to irritate me about the show to begin with. I liked the show not because of vampires or studly men but because of the way they portrayed vampires, I found it interesting but it’s lost the original feel of the show for me. I think once you lose interest in the characters you lose interest in the show.

Most of the time I stick with a show to the very end, such as Weeds and trust me, it wasn’t easy. The L Word got awful in the last season and the finale was one of the most disappointing finales I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what keeps me watching one show that I’m not excited about anymore and give up on another show entirely.

What shows have you divorced?

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