The Sopranos vs. Breaking Bad

I’d been meaning to start watching The Sopranos for a while but kept putting it off. One thing that kept bringing me back to considering watching the show – that so many people consider it The Best Show of All Time. Wow, that’s a big statement and since I’m a tv junkie I really had to check this out, mainly because I believe Breaking Bad is the best tv show of all time. So if you are wondering where the comparison comes from, that’s why. Oh and I just realized that I’m not the only one comparing this show but I’ll wait to read this article.

Bear in mind that we’ve seen every single aired episode of Breaking Bad but we’ve only nearly finished the first season of The Sopranos so this is only the beginning of my comparisson. Also I’m comparing the shows on the following: writing, acting, cinematography and originality.

At this point I can admit the writing is pretty fantastic, especially for the show having aired back when there weren’t shows like this on tv. The acting is pretty great as far as I can tell but only a few characters have really stood out to me as impressive. The only catagory that really stands out to me as not even in the same ballpark as Breaking Bad is the cinematography. I’m sure not everyone really cares about how visually artistic a show is but I do, maybe because I’m a photographer, I’m not sure.

Breaking Bad

I realize that you can’t compare these 2 shows without including that The Sopranos is the show that made it possible for Breaking Bad to even exist. Don’t worry, I am keeping that in mind. Who knows, maybe I’ll come out of this experiment with the belief that The Sopranos IS better, anything is possible. Right now though, Breaking is pretty far ahead.

Oh and for those who might wonder, I am starting The Wire as well so all is ok.

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