You May Have Noticed…

I’ve had a bit of drama in my life lately but through this I’ve realized how much I’ve grown up because of how I’ve handled it. To be fair I posted a few things on Facebook and wrote a couple of blog posts out of anger but I don’t really regret it because the people it was about don’t follow me, anymore, so it wasn’t done to hurt them, just for me to vent. Still, not the most mature way to handle things.

However, on the good side I’ve learned that feeding into irrational anger and arguments gets you absolutely nowhere. The best thing you can do when someone starts pushing buttons is to hide that message away for at least 24 hours and then revisit it if you want to. After 24 hours I’ve realized that there is no winning in this fight, it’s just going to get nastier and nastier as it progresses. Also there doesn’t appear to be a possible solution other than to just admit that the whole thing is pointless, which I don’t think will happen.

So the best thing I can do for myself and the situation is just to ignore it. My anger is gone about it all and I’ve moved onto not caring anymore. It’s so easy to get sucked into drama but eventually you get to a point in your life where the drama just stops being interesting anymore. I’m not going to let someone else’s issues cause stress and frustration in my life. I will not let this kind of thing take up anymore time in my life. I’m done.

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