Top 5 Best Drama Series

Only American shows, it gets too complicated including British shows, I won’t do that to myself.

5. Friday Night Lights – While this show did not always have the best writing (the murder plot we’ll never be able to forget or forgive) the show always had unbelievably heart and characters and the cinematography was astonishing. I never expected a show that was so much about football to really get to me so much.

4. Homeland – Not a lot I can say about this show, it’s just great, some think it’s the best and that’s not exactly a statement I can make but top 5 for sure.

3. Six Feet Under – For me, this show really took dramas to a new level, I’d never seen anything so exposed and raw before. The show really cared about taking chances and breaking ground. To this day, no series ending has ever made me cry so much. Now Netflix just needs to add the show so I can watch it again, if only I could afford to buy the series.

2. Mad Men – not every episode is epic and a mind fuck but when it is, wow, it’s just phenomenal. What I really love about this show (aside from the acting and just the look of the show) is all the hidden meaning and how it really gets you to think and talk about the show.

1. Breaking Bad – for me everything on this show really does blow away all other shows. The writing, the casting, the acting and the cinematography, it never ceases to amaze me. This show fucks with my head every episode to the point sometimes I dread watching the show because it’s so disturbingly intense.

I will admit I have not yet watched The Sopranos or The Wire and those might be in my top 5 if I’d seen them. I may change my top 5 when I get around to it.

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