Spending Time With the Bluth Family Again

So the new season of Arrested Development came back on Netflix (all 15 episodes at once) and within a few days I watched every episode. Here is a breakdown on my thoughts of the 4th series of a show that was cancelled 7 years ago.

  • My first honest thought when the series started was “it’s Michael! yay! I love you!”
  • My second thought briefly after that was “why does this not feel quite right?”
  • The best way I can explain how it feels off (not so much bad but off) was that there is so much that is different that of course it’s not going to be the same. The quality of filming is different. The characters are older. Not everyone is in every episode together like before, it’s broken up, which was a hard pill to swallow.
  • I found myself laughing, a lot, though maybe not as much as the original 3 seasons.
  • My least favorite episodes were George Senior’s episodes and unfortunately he had 2. He might be my least favorite character though I can’t explain why. I also just didn’t enjoy Lindsay’s episode.
  • Episodes I liked were George’s and Buster’s probably.
  • There just wasn’t enough Buster, I kept waiting to see him (my favorite character) and he was barely there. Also I love him with his family and he was almost never with them.
  • Michael not working for his family definitely was an issue I think because the whole show used to be centered around just that. I hate the movie plot idea thing entirely and my husband was incensed that Ron Howard was even on the show but then he gets upset when shows break the fourth wall, I have no idea why.
  • Of course then there was the ending and I’m usually someone who kind of like ambiguous endings but this was clearly a way to lure us back in again down the line. I’m relatively ok with that assuming they go back to their old format next time.

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