Back Pain: My Left Foot


One of the first things I learned at my first chiropractic appointment was that because my alignment was off my right leg was shorter than my left leg. Hearing this was my first moment of “aha!” when it came to this whole chiropractic treatment.

You see, for a long time I’ve been confused as to why my left foot always had calluses but my right foot almost never had any. My flip flops regularly wore out on the left one much quicker than it wore out on the right one. I got this horrible pain recently in my left foot and it appears to be a bone spur, which is caused by pressure on that foot. I truly believe at this point that my misalignment has caused a lot more of my problems that I could have ever imagined.

My back still has a lot of pain but I can feel the pain changing, if that makes any sense. Also, I can breathe so much better and I’m sleeping better. I’ll write more about this later but I’m officially a believer in this.

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