Now Is The Time


I’ve been saying this for years but I feel like I’m at the end of my rope at this point and I want to get healthy. I’ve already spent 1/2 of my thirties feeling like shit 24/7. I know people in their 40s who feel like they are in their late twenties while I’m in my mid thirties and feel like I’m 50.

My first step to getting back on track is going to the chiropractor and not having to deal with back pain. After that I want to focus on healthy things in my life like making better meal choices, being more active again and focusing on being more positive.

I’m so sick of feeling shitty, it’s so hard to do anything and by not wanting to do anything just makes you feel worse. My asthma has been worse than ever. I have an arthritis problem, which can make it difficult to go for a walk (much less run). It’s like I’m in this vicious cycle of work and pain that I can’t get out of and my life feels somewhat non-existant at the moment.

I want to feel good this summer. I want to have energy and be able to go camping. I’d love to go hiking again soon but I fear it won’t happen this summer but who knows. I want to get started on the C25K again because I felt really good last time I did it, even though I didn’t finish it.

It’s been a really dark time for me in the last few months and before that I dealt with the loss of my baby boy Pilot from cancer. I really want a good summer and I think I deserve it.

  1. jennypugh

    April 21, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Hi Robin, I hope that you achieve all that you want to, and that you start to feel better soon. I am also in my mid-30’s and feel like I’m 80 some days! I also need to start being healthier as my office job means I am sat down 9-5 all week and because I am book promoting all weekend and evenings, I feel like all I do is sit down! Here’s to us both of us having a great summer! x

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