Back Pain: Part One

One year ago I had some bad back pain but after taking Naproxen for a couple weeks it went away. My back pain came back about 4 months ago and I hoped with some treatment it would go away again but obviously I still have it.

My pain is in my very lower back and moves from my right side to my left side to the middle. I have the most pain when I’m sitting though standing for a long time hurts too. What helps most is walking when I can. I started off just using Naproxen (which never helped as far as I could tell) and doing hot/cold compresses (which helped some but once I took it off the pain came back). The only thing that really worked ever was Icy Hot, which I use all the time but I knew I couldn’t do that forever.

After that I was directed to physical therapy, which at first seemed helpful but I eventually realized it wasn’t helping me. Sometimes when I do stretches I end up in more pain. Out of desperation my doctor gave me pain meds (Tramadol), which actually was helping until I realized it made me just slightly too sleepy to take at work and eventually I think it was making me nauceous. I still take it sometimes when I get home from work and it helps a LOT.

At this point I decided we needed to find out what was wrong with my back so my doctor had me get an MRI. With the MRI I found out I had a “Small central disc protrusion,” which basically means one of the discs in my back is protruding. Ouch! At that point I went to see a spine specialist, which really didn’t help me at all except suggest more stretching. I really wish stretching helped but sometimes I swear it makes it worse.

For a couple weeks after that I was just living in pain, crying everyday. On top of that another medical thing came up that had no relation to my back at all, that sucked. Then I finally decided to go see a Chiropractor because…what do I have to lose? Well, the cost adds up but I was desperate.

Mind you I’m not quite 100% on board with this treatment but it seems it might be helping me. Everything he said and my x-rays all added up and I’m assuming if this doesn’t work the next step is surgery and I really really don’t want that.

I have 2 more chiro appointments this week and 6 more after that. I want to update here about it in case anyone else ever goes through this and wants to know what works and what doesn’t. I feel so hopeless most of the time with this and I’m ready for some hope again.

  1. jennypugh

    April 21, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    Oh no, how awful! I’m hoping that they can fix the issues for you as soon as possible 🙂 x

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