Easter & Pinterest

So both of the Pinterest ideas I tried for Easter didn’t exactly work as planned.

This egg dying idea I got at this blog, did not quite come out how they pictured it.

rubber band easter eggs

This is how ours came out. Still pretty cool looking but we’re skeptical how they got it to look the way it did.


I also tried to do this bouquet idea but it took a lot of time to do and we ran out of jelly beans. Oh well, pretty cool but not worth the time it took. Oh and we decided to put the jelly beans on with pieces of paper clips instead of glue so you could eat them. The one I did is on the right. Looking back we definitely got way too big of a styrofoam ball. Oh and we used sour jelly beans that had some awesome colors I think.

etg4 IMG_0398

All in all these Pinterest ideas not exactly a fail but not exactly a win either.

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