Lessons Unfortunately Learned

High expectations of people around you will lead to disappointment. I know this. I know that people are generally not on the same wavelength and one person will be expecting more than another person.

Back when my furkid Pilot got sick with cancer, had a leg amputated, an eye tumor removed and then died I desperately needed my friends to gather around me. To my surprise the ones that did show up were the ones that I didn’t expect, like my college friends who don’t entirely get my love for my cats. They sent me cards, called and even came by my house to cheer me up.

There were friends of mine I really expected to want to be there for me and weren’t, I don’t think our relationship will ever be the same. The hardest part was how many times I’d been there for them over the years. This all really opened my eyes to something I didn’t really want to see but I can’t unsee.

I’m also trying to build a relationship with my brother from pretty much nothing. We were never close and we’ve come to realize that we’d like to be have a relationship. It’s not easy and will take a lot of work on both ends. We’re 7 years apart, which is a much bigger age gap than one might think. The older we get the more the gap closes and we can communicate more like adults. As long as we both want to get to a better place I believe it will happen.

I suppose I really need to learn to stop expecting anything and just live with what is. Though I do think the world is changing quickly into a place where people take things and others for granted. I guess there isn’t much I can do about that, I just have decide what I’m willing to live with and what I can’t. It’s a daily adjustment but I’m figuring it out.

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