Instagram No More?


I haven’t officially made the decision to delete my instagram. Many are fleeing because they found out that Instagram owns their pictures, or something like that. I’m not pissed at Instagram because of this, I realize all my pictures online aren’t safe, which is why I try to post stuff nobody would ever care about (ie. cat pictures and pictures of my food).

My issue with Instagram happened a couple weeks ago when I realized that they are not connected to twitter anymore. What does that mean? It means that when you post a photo to Instagram and have it also sent to twitter, it now only shows up as a link whereas before it would show up as a picture and would be featured in your twitter gallery. Now, my twitter gallery, is nearly empty. This pissed me off a bit.

So I started to think about how I could resolve this, since I like to post pictures to twitter and not just Instagram. I thought maybe I could post to instagram and then separately post to Twitter, but that is way too much of a hassle. I could just post my pictures to twitter, which I will do sometimes, but I miss the gallery and gropu aspect that I got with Instagram. Then I realized many people were moving to flickr and I already have a flickr. At first I didn’t want to post my crappy mobile pictures to flickr where I put my pictures I take with my digital camera but then I thought, why not?

So I’ve decided I’ll probably take down my Instagram but I kind of want to send the pictures to somewhere online even though I saved all the pictures on my computer already. I don’t want to put all my Instagram pictures on flickr because I don’t want to flood it with the shoddy pictures I have on Instagram.

All I know is, I used to love Instagram and now…it’s lost it’s luster.

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