Social Media Relationships


I’ve actually lost a couple good friends due to social media for the most part. Because of Twitter and Facebook it’s so easy to unfollow or unfriend someone and write them off without a second thought. You don’t have to confront them or address any issues, you can just push a button and they are basically out of your life.

A friend of mine and I had been drifting apart for a while, even though we had more than a decade of friendship behind us. These things happen, we change and go in different directions. The thing with us, even though we were best friends for a very long time and very close we chose to hide behind social media and just shut each other out. To this day, we never talked about what happened or even attempted to salvage our friendship because quite honestly, it was easier to just walk away without saying a word.

Recently I had another falling out. My friend and I had been close for a long time but over the past year or so I’d felt us not connecting like we used to. I think we were both sick of each other and didn’t feel the same friendship that we once had. One day, after something she posted that hurt my feelings I blocked her on twitter, because I needed a break from seeing her in my feed. The next day I saw she’d unfollowed me and I figured it had something to do with me blocking her, maybe Twitter automatically unfollowed her from me or maybe she just decided to take the plunge and dump me.

Either way, again we never talked about it. I think about it but it’s so childish I wouldn’t know how to start and quite honestly I never communicated with these 2 people to begin with. When I know that if I confront someone about something that they will automatically get defensive I tend to avoid it because it just escalates to a dangerous place.

I’ve made more friends than lost friends through social media but the friends I’ve lost will always leave a cloud over my online world.

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