Faux Masculinity

I hear on the radio all the time about what a man should be and what he shouldn’t be. A guy should be the one to take care of the wife or a guy shouldn’t cry. This idea of masculinity is so ridiculous because it isn’t real, it’s a societal expectation not necessarily a natural response.


My husband, who I playfully call Manly Man, is the most authentic man I know. Many guys who have this idea of “masculinity” might think he’s not a man because he doesn’t conform to how the majority might think a straight guy should be. My husband wears jelly bracelets, colors his converse, sometimes puts on nail polish, does the majority of the cooking and is by far the most emotional person I’ve ever met (including me).

On the other side of it my husband is a very hard worker, back when he had a career at all. He also can fix almost anything in the house except for things like plumbing and electrical stuff. He knows how to change a tire, check my oil and basically just takes care of me on every level. That’s what a man is, a guy who makes you feel safe and protected.

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  1. Erik

    November 13, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    🙂 “All this yours!”, says the guy in the too big T shirt and the too small hat…

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