Another Tumor Bites the Dust

So it appears Pilot had another tumor, this time in his eyelid. At first his eye just seemed to have an infection but very quickly we realized it was something much worse.

Eye Problem


When we brought Pi back to the vet they said they had to take it out right away. We were told during his surgery he would lose his bottom eyelid but luckily they were able to do it so it looks almost like nothing at all happened. He’s doing amazing, it just blows my mind every time that he just recovers so quickly.


We were asked when they did the surgery if we wanted to send the tumor to be tested like we did with the tumor on his leg. We both decided that we weren’t going to have this one tested because spending another $150 to find out if it was cancerous wasn’t going to change anything. We already decided we will not do chemo and we also decided we aren’t putting him down until his quality of life has diminished or until we have no other choices. We’re assuming it probably was cancer since it was only 4 months ago he had a tumor that was cancerous.

So now we’re just helping him recover from his surgery and going back to enjoying every single moment we can with our little one. He brings so much love and joy to our lives it’s worth going through this stress and pain to have as much time with him as we can. He’s so tough though and more of a fighter than I could have ever imagined. All I know is other than the stupid “cone of shame” he’s happy to be home and with us, that’s all that matters.

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