I once watched an episode of Arrested Development years ago, it was just a random episode and I thought the show was so weird and I didn’t get it. Then after so many people going on and on about how great the show was I decided to give it a try. Watched it from the beginning I just loved it, beyond words. The humor is so dry and so clever, sometimes I’m amazed at how good the writing is. Still, the best part of this show is definitely Buster Bluth.

Hey brother! (gif post)

I don’t know what it is about him but I love him so much. I love him in a brother kind of way that I want to hug him and defend him. His facial expressions are the key to his charm and the fact that while he appears to be really innocent he shows how not quite innocent he really is.

I love the scene where he hides, I can’t explain it.


After my love for Buster of is of course the chicken dance because clearly the Bluth family has never seen a chicken before.

4 Thoughts on “I Love Buster And I’m Not Ashamed

  1. I love every character on that show – it’s one of the most brilliant comedies out there. Good to see that you finally demonstrated some good taste! 🙂

    •  Well, I was bound to have some good taste eventually given all the shows I watch. Hey, at least I’ll give stuff outside of my comfort zone a try…though I’m still not ready to try Dr. Who. How’s Skins treating you?

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