When You Are TOO Connected To A TV Show



You know how you know you are too connected to a tv show? When you hear a song and think “this song sounds like it was on Skins” so I decide to look it up to find out if it was. I look on the trustworthy Wikipedia and it was not in any of the Skins episodes. So I figure I was wrong, oh well.

Then I decide to find out more about the song because I really like the song, I google it and am reading about the background of the song. What do I read?

Frontwoman Alisa Xayalith recalled to the NME the inspiration for this song: “I remember being up at two in the morning playing with a main key line, the next day I showed it to Thom and we made a demo. I spent the rest of the day watching Skins and I got inspired by that rebellious spirit. Everything is so romanticised and exaggerated on that show. It makes you wish you had a teenage life like that. So I wrote lyrics that inspired dreaming and youthful exuberance.” (from Songfacts)

I told Manly Man this and he was just shocked. Yeah, I somehow could tell that this song was about the show Skins. I’m a 34 year old married woman who is that connected to a British show about hormonal teenagers who get drunk and do drugs a lot. Oh well, I suppose there are worse things to be connected to.



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