Re-Watching Dawson’s Creek at 34

Unlike many of my shows I only watched Dawson’s Creek once and that was when it aired. I believe I watched this fairly religiously (I’m a very dedicated viewer as you know) through college and my early twenties. I think I actually watched the finale with my now husband when we just started seeing each other. In a way it was like letting go of my impetuous (see what I did there, just like Joey) younger years and jumping into my more mature years. Heh.

So the first thing I noticed is how low quality the cinematography was, which is ironic since it’s about a young teenage boy who is obsessed with cinema. It reminded me a lot of the early  Beverly Hills 90210 episodes, which were about 10 years before this show aired. Seemed odd to me but whatever, the pilot was in the late 90s so I’ll give that a pass.

My first time watching the show I was on the Dawson Team, all the way. I loved all the characters but I felt like I had to stand by Dawson for some reason. I think I also probably related to him a little more than some of the others, being kind of self-centered and always over-thinking things. I can’t remember my exact feelings about Joey but this time around she is beyond irritating. She wants one thing and then gets it and then doesn’t want it anymore. She’s so wish-washy and totally her worst enemy, I’m not sure how any of them can stand it.

As a teenager watching Dawson’s Creek I was crushed when Joey picked Pacey over Dawson. Dawson was her soulmate, clearly and the writers were trying to fuck with me. As an enlightened *ahem* married woman who has lived life a lot more than my twenty year old self, I now found Pacey more endearing and appealing. At the same time I can’t help but still feel some heartbreak about what they put Dawson through.

I’m only on season 3 but I keep jumping between feeling the show has held up to feel the show is kind of dated already. I mean, it’s very early 2000s, whatever that means. Having watched some Gossip Girl recently I noticed that no one has a cell phone, which is pretty normal for the time. Also the big language they use on the show I think was quirky when I first watched it but now it kind of makes me roll my eyes.

It’s funny, watching Skins let’s me kind of pretend that maybe I was cool and badass when I was a teenager even though I know I couldn’t have been less like any of them at that age. Watching Dawson’s Creek again kind of reminds me, with amusement, how truly lame I was in my early years. Good thing I’ve grown out of that 😉

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