It’s What Mates Do

Only 4 more episodes of Skins and I’ve been thinking about how that will effect me. For some tv is just tv but this show has become so much more and I’m not sure how to properly express that. I feel like these characters are a part of my life and what happens to them effects me. There has been 6 seasons and 3 generations. I’ve loved all of them, even the characters I didn’t always like so much (::cough::Effy::cough::).

When I watched Generation One I refused for a while to watch Generation Two because I loved One too much. Eventually I gave in and while Two wasn’t One they had their beautiful scenes and some characters that are my favorite. Ok, so only one character that I truly loved and that is James Cook.

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I think that becoming an adult friendship becomes so much more complicated and difficult. I like watching these teenagers growing up and figuring themselves out while having each other’s backs. Sometimes they fight but they always come around in the end. Yeah being a teenager is hard, mostly because of all those damn hormones, but friendship is more fluid I think. Your friends live right down the street and you see them everyday. As an adult you have to schedule time to see each other and you’ve lucky if you can do that a couple times a month.

This last season has been pretty intense so far. New relationships have started and one of them already ended. Someone has “died” if you choose to believe it, which I haven’t entirely. The characters are growing up again and learning the truth about the big bad world. Just now as I’m really starting to love the characters this season they are going to leave. It’s ironic, I think I love this show as an escape of my own problems but this doesn’t last either.

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I guess in reality Skins is only a brief escape into a world that appears to be so different than mine but in the end everyone has to grow up and move on. In the end, not everything works out like you expect it to and not everyone stays mates. The world inside Skins is beautiful and energetic but it has it’s dark side too. The party can’t last forever, eventually you have to go home.

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I know how silly I seem being so caught up in a tv show, particularly one that is about kids 20 years younger than me living in another country. I must admit, I’m nervous at how the ending is going to effect me. I’ve only been watching the show for like 2 1/2 years and I’m a different person now. I think because of Skins I expect a little more from the people around me, just in the idea that I deserve good mates who are around and who want to put in an effort for me.

As Nick (who I never expected to love but do very much now) said once:

Yeah, I fell.. down a freaking k-hole actually, but these guys caught me. It’s what mates do ‘cause it’s screwed up out there. I don’t know if you’ve been outside lately, but it is. But we have a go. Whatever comes, we have a good go at it ‘cause it’s all we can do.

So yeah, fuck it =)

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