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4 Thoughts on “How Can You Hate Ted Mosby?

  1. Ted annoys me because of the whining and the waffling back and forth, I think.  He’s generally the most inconsistent character on the show.  But just because he annoys me more than the other characters doesn’t mean I still don’t love the show.

    • I think that he’s the most realistic because of that but I tend to really like the most realistic characters…maybe I can believe they are more real in my head or something. I’m weird.

  2. Monica on April 19, 2012 at 5:55 pm said:

    I agree with you and I have always thought that he was the most realistic character on the show and, despite the wrong things he did sometimes, he was my favourite character from the very first season and has still remained as such. I was shocked when I found out that on the Internet community, he was thought, by the majority of people, the least favourite.

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