Countdown Til The End

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The end I speak of is Skins, I knew it would come eventually but when I tell you I am not ready I am speaking the truth. It’s officially the last series of Skins and in 10 episodes it will be over forever. 6 years, 6 series, 3 generations and quite the ride I will never forget. The third series isn’t something you can compare to the previous 2 series or particularly the original series. Mtv even tried to make their own, it was a joke.

Even though this generation lacks something the other generations had I already love them quite a bit, I think just because Skins makes you cheer on the characters no matter what. Aside from all the drama and crazy storylines friendship is what is really behind it. That’s why I love the show, it’s really about that time when friendship seems to mean everything, just before you have to grow up and head into the real world.

Here is a beautiful trailer for series 6, even if you haven’t watched the show it’s pretty amazing and there aren’t any spoilers if you plan to watch the show.

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