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4 Thoughts on “Overly Enthusiastic

  1. Anonymous on January 17, 2012 at 6:34 pm said:

    I tried for a long time with breaking bad, but I just hated Walt SO MUCH that I couldn’t continue on. He’s mean and horrible to everyone. Plus it’s kind of boring to me, I like action or comedy or romance in my shows and this one really doesn’t have that for me.

  2. I tried twice with Breaking Bad and just couldn’t find a single character to identify with, so I couldn’t do it.

    Did you see the Sherlock season 2 finale?  FANTASTIC!

    • Yeah I didn’t either but I just thought it was so refreshing and well-written, I think I just needed that at that time and then the show just got fucking amazing. I haven’t yet, we were going to watch it last night but Manly Man had a migraine.

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