Right This Very Second


  • I’m thinking about how I’m kind of shaky but I think this time it’s the coffee and not the anxiety.
  • I’m thinking I need to learn how to just keep my mouth shut and just ignore the bad feelings I get. Whenever I speak up I regret it and wish I’d just kept it to myself.
  • I’m thinking that these new bras I desperately needed are beyond awesome, must review them online so others can know the joy of my breasts.
  • I’m thinking I have so many notes and stickies everywhere lateley (including an app to yell at me to remind me to do shit) that I feel a bit altzheimers lately.
  • I’m thinking I’m excited to have next week off but stressed because there is so much going on at work and I’m going to be completely overwhelmed when I come back.
  • I’m thinking despite the shit at work I need a week off for my insanity and the fact I may not have any real time off for a long time to come.
  • I’m thinking I need some time off social media, it can do bizarre things to you.
  • I’m thinking I really just think way too much, must find a way to stop this.

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