Sadness Shouldn’t Be Compared

I am easily moved to tears. I’m an emotional person who will cry over a tragedy, a celebrity death and just the passing of a person I’d never heard of before. I read articles online of an unfortunate death and I tear up. I don’t cry over everyone but I have no idea what loss will effect me and when.

It seems many look down on anyone mourning Amy Winehouse’s death because she deserved it. She had a drug problem and most likely that is what killed her. Because she was a drug addict did she deserve to die? No, every death is sad and unfortunate. She was someone’s daughter and friend. If a good friend of mine had a drug problem, even if I lost touch, I’d be devastated. When this happens, that’s what I always think about. I think about those who loved that person and how much it had to hurt to lose them. I can’t even imagine.

What happened in Norway was also devastating and something that should never have happened. I would never compare this to Amy Winehouse or any other person who died. Why must we compare?

Do you know what is happening in Somalia? This too is tragic and incredibly painful to think about. There is so much pain in the world right now, more than it seems is even possible. Our country falling apart is beyond comprehension to me, even though to me it seems we caused it. So many people (such as my husband) are suffering because of our country’s problems who are completely shut out of the work force. He can’t even get a job as a pizza delivery person and he’s a skilled tradesman.

There are also beautiful things in this world like 2 grandmothers being the first gay marriage in New York. So there is something good still happening in this world among all the sadness. I just am so bothered that with everything happening people seem to be arguing over which is worse or trashing people that died. What is wrong with us? How did we get to a place of such judgment and such anger over something we should all come together over?

Two grandmothers in first legal gay marriage in N.Y.

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